Thursday, February 24, 2005

Indian Media is crazy!

When I was looking into news after quite a long time .. there was very very crazy news by "great Indian media" that one Uttar Pradesh XI student (Saurabh) topped NASA exam "International Scientist Discovery" which was taken by 200,000 students world over.

As soon as I see this news I wanted to confirm such news. So how??

in google : "International Scientist Discovery"
why?? to know such exam exists at all. Then I found many many results covering above news appeared. I wanted to exclude above news (but wanted only about such test). So

"International Scientist Discovery" -india -indian -saurabh

Then, as expected no result. So it is clear that this news is fraud. Only one minute to check this news. But for media, even now they are still crazy and I see many many new NEWS still spreading out.

I hope GOD save indian media.