Sunday, December 16, 2007

Umbrella having no droplets on a rainy day!!

Were you anytime facing difficulty to keep your wet umbrella on a rainy day at your office or home? or Did you ever got into a crowded bus with a wet umbrella?? Did you think then,if there is an umbrella which can just off from those droplets sticked to it? Yes, here it is.

Locate your keys or spectacles easily!

Do you remember, your struggling to locate spectacles or car keys or car itself in a parking location or any other useful thing. Good news for you all guys. RFID is the technology which is ready to save you. Currently you can buy 100 US$ device and each tag, to the article you would like to locate, costs about 25 US$. I believe, it would be useful to everyone of 6Billion people only when the costs are like: 1 US$ device and few cents for the tags. Ideally the device should be integrated inside a mobile. So that if in case, mobile itself is not seen, can be found by making a call!! So this is still in R&D phase to get onto the cheaper side and integration with already popular devices. However, if you are a wealthy guy or looking for marketing such devices, then click here.

Customized Ice Creams : Make it within a minute to have it, right in your home/office

Moo Bella is a Ice cream making machine, just like Coffee/Tea vending machine. Within a minute one can prepare a variety of ice-creams FRESHLY. Catch point is customization and really fresh. It is currently going through initial market test phase. So it is an interesting business opportunity for the dealers who are already into Vending Machines.

Award for the Social entrepreneurs who change the lives of children

World of Children has instituted awards covers the following areas: Health, Humanitarian, and Youth leadership. This award is for change-makers of the lives of children and 100 nominees all over the world, would compete for 3-4 annual awards that range from US$15,000 to $100,000.

Encouraging entrepreneurial skills of SHGs

Ezhuchi Virudhu is an award for the SHGs in chennai and engaged with micro-enterprises, also managing them efficiently. It is instituted by Sornammal Education Trust based in Chennai.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Institute of Creativity" to be established in South India

To impart education & training, conduct cutting edge research, nurture innovation and render Creativity Application Services (CAS), Government is planning to establish "Institute of Creativity". The institute will cater to private companies, government and other entrepreneurs. And the institute is funded by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Great news for Entrepreneurs : One-Person Company

Government is planning to accept "One-Person Company" (OPC). Difference between Sole proprietorship and this new OPC is that liability lies upon the firm but not on the individual. Let us all hope that this bill will during the winter session.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at Bank Account for a sole proprietorship firm, I have found that the cheapest way to do that is through ICICI, just with 5000/-. However they require any one of the registration papers (such as Shop establishment, Service Tax, IT returns etc). Another interesting bank in this regard is : Kotak Bank, where-in you need to maintain the balance of 10000/-.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Broadband Blues and possible solutions

In India, it is difficult to get a broadband connection with speed (good enough to download large videos) and also cheap. There are many people who have taken a limited-data connection, and so will not be able to download large files. In case of downloading such large video/audio files, the cheapest cost could be 1Re per MB for a limited-data connection. If somebody would like to download TV programs such as this,, will have spend at least 100/- for each file (assuming size of the file is 100MB). Now if the user would like to download all the programs mentioned in the website, then the process becomes very much expensive. Now this problem can be solved in two ways.

1. Let us call the Third Party service provider who solves this problem as TP. When a user makes a request of the file by submitting its URL, TP submits to one of its associates. Note that an associate could be anyone who is registered with TP and having a unlimited broadband connection. The associate would then download the file, records it in a CD/DVD and inform TP. Then TP makes sure that the CD/DVD would be delivered to the customer by courier.

50 percent of the revenue from the customer could be shared with the Associates. Charge to the customer could be 60 Rs for the first 200MB (or less) and 20 Rs for every additional 100MB. Ensuring the quality processes on associates would be the key. Delivery time should never cross more than 3 days.

Expenses to the TP: 1. Marketing cost of the service. 2. Courier 3. Chargebacks if delivery is not made 4. Selection of Associates and one-time cost of training to them 5.Cost and maintenance of the Automated Interactions with the customer, associates and the courier 5. Settlements and disputes with customers, associates and also maintenance of a specific customer service for this purpose.

Expenses to Associates: 1. Monthly broadband connection fee 2. One-time cost of computer with a DVD/CD writer 3. CD 4. Electricity 5. Informing that download is completed 6. Time that one spends for initiation of the download, regular monitoring of the transfer and recording the data when completed. 7. Time for selection and training 8. Necessary softwares for the downloading the data.

Note1. To improve the quality processes, TP may submit the download request to 2 or more associates. Among those associates depending on who informs first, about the completion of the download of the file, is paid.
Note2. If size of a file is larger than 300MB then the task could be divided between two associates (such software exist?) so that the delivery time could then be minimized. In which case, cost of such software design and merging costs during the service would add-up to the TP.

2. An Internet Service Provider can provide this service a bit cheaper than the third party (TP). ISP can offer a complimentary service to its existing services as the following: When a user makes a request of the file by submitting its URL, the ISP downloads it and keeps the downloaded file available in the local network. A local URL would be delivered to the customer as soon as it is available. Customer can download it on LAN speeds. So this service can be charged on the basis of Data on demand, say 10Rs for 100MB.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Social Networking opportunity

MySpace, Facebook, Orkut are not the end of Social Networking websites. You can still win.

Try to create a Social Networking website exclusively for residential societies, Companies, Institutions in collaboration with those organizations. This definitely makes sense as people who meet each other regularly may like to share more information than with strangers.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mumbai Police Station's record : a proof for changing India

Claim: India is changing
Proof: One of the Mumbai's coveted police station (Bandra-Kurla Complex Station) proudly announces that there were no Murder, Attempt to Murder, Robbery, Assault cases registered for the past 2 years.

I am very happy. How about you?