Sunday, August 13, 2006

Developing countries are better prospect in this knowledge based revolution

Innovation, Enterpreneurship are the key things for development in a knowledge based society. Here I argue that people who live in developing countries are better prospects compared to the citizens of developed countries.

Necessity makes the people to be more creative and innovative (compared to the people who have just passion). And also problems familiarity makes them more accessible for innovations at basic level which may revolutionalise the world.

Risk taking is the key skill required for enterpreneurship. People who live in difficulties they are already seen difficulties in life and so for them risk taking ability would be easier (because by taking risk they may experience the state which already they tasted) and on the other hand risk taking would be very difficult for the people who never have experienced the downside of the risk. So enterpreneurship is better cultivated in third world countries than so called developed countries.

Traditionally suppressed people would have more zeal to come up in life. This causes much better activity than people who live in developed countries.