Thursday, July 13, 2006

Build a house in 6 hours!

Toyota with its core technology of making cars, it has entered into House making industry!

Are Indian autoindustries taking the note of this?? So that they can enter into this evolving industry. See more details .

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Click-everywhere : solving video piracy problem

These days many movie producers are loosing their business just because pirated video CD of a movie gets into black market within a week of its release.

Powerful business model to solve this problem: Producer himself releases the official video CD of the movie along with its regular release. That too, at the cost of a pirate CD.

But then, how can a producer make money out of it: when people watch the official video CD on computers, on the screen every item comes on the movie is a clickable item. For example, if the viewer clicks on a shirt that Amitabh wears or Sharukh's pant or Rajani's bidi or Chiranjeevi's lungi then it straightaway takes to a website of the item where it is auctionable (same item) or salable (similar item). This does not just remain with cloths or accessories. Every item which goes on movie screen can make a great appeal to the audience and in turn to the marketer.

This was an idea which informally came out among students of a top US university and I think it may soon get patented. But then, can you generate similar ideas for Indian businesses?