Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Googling for someone : a routine activity in life??

Last year I wrote on life partner selection that depends on "googling". Here is an another article that employers google their prospects. Today when I am discussing with N. Nagaraj of Business Line, he mentioned that googling of a person whom you are going to meet is also a common. Now I want to have a more closer look.

Whom are you googling for:

1. for Celebrities
2. When new friend introduced (likely thro online)
3. person whom you are about to meet/talk
4. Employers for potential hires
5. Police searching for criminals
6. for old classmates/pals
7. Ego-surfing or Self-Googling
8. Matrimonial/dating Search
9. for professionals (like architects, doctors, etc)

But then you must be careful, if not, you may get mistaken with the same/similar names. In this large world, there may be many people with same names/nicknames who confuse while you are researching.

Where to look for?
websites, blogs, comments in blogs, comments in web-news, comments in websites, guest-books, orkut or Myspace or ryze type of communities, blogeverywhere comments etc

Are there clues to search?
Ofcourse there are .. but then, you need to wait for my book.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Online Exam organising : Wonderful business opportunity

As you all may be aware that, in future, most exams will be conducted online because of cost & time factors and (most importantly) effective reach. If one conducts exams online similar to Brainbench in India, that would be a great hit. Slowly they can take up the opportunity of conducting online exams for recruitments, admissions, online courses, distance education etc by renting "ready infrastructure" at Rs. 8000 a month (for a single computer). You can even reach to small villages through rural kiosks.

Wish to take-up?

Monday, April 03, 2006

E-commerce Infrastructure for small players : Wonderful business oppertunity

Online presence is a must in this 21st century. Small players cannot have web presence and moreover they can't regularly maintain the website. If we can provide basic e-commerce service (incl. online payments) with subscriber revenue model, it would be a big hit.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Price comparision website : a good business idea

Indians are extremely particular about pricing. So if there is a website which provides details of product pricing comparision. That will be instant hit.

Are you ready to take-off with this idea?

Indian Movie database : No such website yet!

It is very true that Indians are extremely fanatic about movies. You see that most of Indian forums are about movies. However I am extremely surprised to to see that there is no website which gives good information of movies like

What data such site should contain?
It should give all movie details, reviews. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi are the top ones to be looked at. Site should get RSS feeds from several news sources. Discussion forums. Songs streaming (not so desired). Lyrics of songs (in english and local language as well).

Note: It does not need much investments. Team of 5 people can succede in this venture.

Are you interested to make one such?

Choose the career that interests you!

These days I am used to hear about people choosing their career based on interests and not driven by money or similar materialistic desires. In particular, these days media loves to talk about management graduates who chose different career.

And here, I explain about one guy who made his dreams true.

Sekhar Kammula : He was a usual guy till he completed BS from Osmania Univ and MS (Comp Sc) from New Jersey Univ. He was always getting different thoughts of presentation from the movies he used to watch. So with this type of mindset, he talked to howard univ film school. In a way, he took an another Master degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from this school. Then he returned back to India with the MFA thesis consisting of a screenplay in hand.

When he was working as a software engineer in Citicorp, he saw the dreams of people around him who wish to make earning dollars as their objective of life. So his first directorial venture was "dollar dreams". Which was a runaway success but among high-tech junta and with a national award for his directorial debut. Then his second project was based on his MFA thesis, Anand movie is born, with a very different note. This was shot with his earnings and near to his residence (with a partial help from govt : total expenses were not more than 40 Lakhs). Anyone who watch this movie can understand how these days telugu/tamil/hindi movies fail to show tender feelings of an individual. No dramas or no fights and also no stylish dances either. It has made a mark on movie industry in the sense that one need not spend 20 crores to produce a good film. This film was a commercial success. Now that he became a established director, I hope he will not go after traditional likings of industry. His latest movie is Godavari. I am happy that Telugu industry got another Bapu style director in this fast century.

Do you respect your interests while taking decisions in regards of career?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Watch telugu/hindi/tamil movies online or even download them!

These days I came across innumerous links to downloading Telugu/Tamil/Hindi movies websites. Basically they are mentioned in certain blog-sites pointing to heavy-storage websites where the files are being uploaded. I could get almost every movie released (2006) in Telugu/Hindi/Tamil. I could get even some of the alltime-classics. Most of them can be downloaded (size could be anywhere between 150MB-300MB) and few of them could be watched online. Considering the penetration of broadband, I dont think this is a problem.

How to get?
Search for movie titles in or or While searching for titles, be careful about spelling. For example, pyar could be written as pyaar and kiya can be written kiyaa. So while searching for titles, also try all possible combinations like pyaar kiya, pyar kiyaa, pyaar kiyaa, pyar kiya.

If number of results are very high, then use quotes as in "pyar kiya". You may also use (download OR watch OR part) along with the title to cut down the results (however this logic holds now but cannot be guaranteed forever because spammers may use these words so that their sites get visited if they come across this blog).

Being away from my native for 11 years, I wanted to watch few recent good movies in Telugu such as Arya (I strongly recommend it even for non-natives), Anand, Show etc. You would love to see the largest collection of links to Telugu movies (currently there are about 250 movies).

My views on industry: After watching few movies of telugu and tamil, I could clearly understand that nowadays some good movies are coming-up in telugu (at the same time tamil movies are becoming worse like of telugu movies in 1996-2003).