Sunday, April 02, 2006

Indian Movie database : No such website yet!

It is very true that Indians are extremely fanatic about movies. You see that most of Indian forums are about movies. However I am extremely surprised to to see that there is no website which gives good information of movies like

What data such site should contain?
It should give all movie details, reviews. Telugu, Tamil, Hindi are the top ones to be looked at. Site should get RSS feeds from several news sources. Discussion forums. Songs streaming (not so desired). Lyrics of songs (in english and local language as well).

Note: It does not need much investments. Team of 5 people can succede in this venture.

Are you interested to make one such?


eHyderabad said...

Hi Raja,

Just came across your blog, just come to the office and not feel like working today. I have been looking for some interesting blogs in India for couple of weeks but never found one so far. you blogs seems to be interesting.
This is a very nice idea, after reading your blog i actually googled for Indian movie sites and Indian movie reviews, i did find some but they are not in the main stream. i did not find a site good enough, i jumped to my messenger and spoke to some of my friends in India, they don't know any good sites either. They just follow news paper reviews. One should start something like this. What are you planning on doing?

mrpr said...

It is an interesting idea which even i was discussing with my friends. Let me know what is the state of this idea? Are you still working on this? May be we can join forces to go about it..


nellutla said...


I got your site by somewhat doing research. Even i am impressed with the idea of an indian movies website which caters to all indian languages.
Let me know if you have started the project.


lifelessordinary said...

Is this process still in work, I want to be part of it, I am a extensive researcher on movies, profoundly browsing for a database that can match IMDB. if you can work out we can defnitely bring a database like one.