Saturday, April 01, 2006

Watch telugu/hindi/tamil movies online or even download them!

These days I came across innumerous links to downloading Telugu/Tamil/Hindi movies websites. Basically they are mentioned in certain blog-sites pointing to heavy-storage websites where the files are being uploaded. I could get almost every movie released (2006) in Telugu/Hindi/Tamil. I could get even some of the alltime-classics. Most of them can be downloaded (size could be anywhere between 150MB-300MB) and few of them could be watched online. Considering the penetration of broadband, I dont think this is a problem.

How to get?
Search for movie titles in or or While searching for titles, be careful about spelling. For example, pyar could be written as pyaar and kiya can be written kiyaa. So while searching for titles, also try all possible combinations like pyaar kiya, pyar kiyaa, pyaar kiyaa, pyar kiya.

If number of results are very high, then use quotes as in "pyar kiya". You may also use (download OR watch OR part) along with the title to cut down the results (however this logic holds now but cannot be guaranteed forever because spammers may use these words so that their sites get visited if they come across this blog).

Being away from my native for 11 years, I wanted to watch few recent good movies in Telugu such as Arya (I strongly recommend it even for non-natives), Anand, Show etc. You would love to see the largest collection of links to Telugu movies (currently there are about 250 movies).

My views on industry: After watching few movies of telugu and tamil, I could clearly understand that nowadays some good movies are coming-up in telugu (at the same time tamil movies are becoming worse like of telugu movies in 1996-2003).

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