Sunday, April 02, 2006

Choose the career that interests you!

These days I am used to hear about people choosing their career based on interests and not driven by money or similar materialistic desires. In particular, these days media loves to talk about management graduates who chose different career.

And here, I explain about one guy who made his dreams true.

Sekhar Kammula : He was a usual guy till he completed BS from Osmania Univ and MS (Comp Sc) from New Jersey Univ. He was always getting different thoughts of presentation from the movies he used to watch. So with this type of mindset, he talked to howard univ film school. In a way, he took an another Master degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from this school. Then he returned back to India with the MFA thesis consisting of a screenplay in hand.

When he was working as a software engineer in Citicorp, he saw the dreams of people around him who wish to make earning dollars as their objective of life. So his first directorial venture was "dollar dreams". Which was a runaway success but among high-tech junta and with a national award for his directorial debut. Then his second project was based on his MFA thesis, Anand movie is born, with a very different note. This was shot with his earnings and near to his residence (with a partial help from govt : total expenses were not more than 40 Lakhs). Anyone who watch this movie can understand how these days telugu/tamil/hindi movies fail to show tender feelings of an individual. No dramas or no fights and also no stylish dances either. It has made a mark on movie industry in the sense that one need not spend 20 crores to produce a good film. This film was a commercial success. Now that he became a established director, I hope he will not go after traditional likings of industry. His latest movie is Godavari. I am happy that Telugu industry got another Bapu style director in this fast century.

Do you respect your interests while taking decisions in regards of career?


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Yashasvi Arun said...

Right Man Sekhar is one of the class director. He is actually a close friend of my colleague. Hence the relationship

ujwal said...

very very true.... anand is one of my all time fav movies simply made and yet so heart touching...i hope he makes more good movies like that