Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Googling for someone : a routine activity in life??

Last year I wrote on life partner selection that depends on "googling". Here is an another article that employers google their prospects. Today when I am discussing with N. Nagaraj of Business Line, he mentioned that googling of a person whom you are going to meet is also a common. Now I want to have a more closer look.

Whom are you googling for:

1. for Celebrities
2. When new friend introduced (likely thro online)
3. person whom you are about to meet/talk
4. Employers for potential hires
5. Police searching for criminals
6. for old classmates/pals
7. Ego-surfing or Self-Googling
8. Matrimonial/dating Search
9. for professionals (like architects, doctors, etc)

But then you must be careful, if not, you may get mistaken with the same/similar names. In this large world, there may be many people with same names/nicknames who confuse while you are researching.

Where to look for?
websites, blogs, comments in blogs, comments in web-news, comments in websites, guest-books, orkut or Myspace or ryze type of communities, blogeverywhere comments etc

Are there clues to search?
Ofcourse there are .. but then, you need to wait for my book.

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kuffir said...

i'm waiting for your book.