Thursday, November 17, 2005

Google Analytics : Strategic advantage to both Google & website owners

As usual, Google has released another 'unexpected' new service "Google Analytics".

Ofcourse Google has huge amount of database of keywords connected to the sites. But Google's brilliant idea (rather Urchin's, the company bought out by Google) is that they wish to connect the websites with keywords which were through by other websites like Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Once again, Google's game is : provide service for the benifit of user and in a way benifitting itself. Using the same model it has defeated every player in its core business that is 'search'. As a Googler, I once again hope that Google continue to provide such services to benifit 'me' (user).

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Future of Matrimonial search process

Past few months, whenever I start to think of my marriage, I had to think about how will I get a girl of my choice (that is, rural development minded, however my requirement is irrelevant here). I have started to understand the merits and demerits of current system. First I will discuss how things are happening right now and later we will see how there will be a paradigm shift from the current scenario.

Indian traditional system surely not applicable in this IT age because these days people do stay away from their parents (far distant locations). Telecon, Chatting, e-mails will be of little help in continuing this centuries old system. So why ..

There is a phenomenal rise of Matrimonial sites in India (they were even successful during dot-com bust). They are just a replica of Indian traditional system of marriage brokers in this electronic arena. Important thing to note here is, they are just helpful to dig out a girl based on age, caste, religion, education, profession. However observe that this is only initial elimination process.

Actual process starts when communication happens. Demerit of this is that one cant decide a life partner just by asking some questions or qualifications or expertise over telecon or chatting. To have a lifetime relationship, critical thing is to understand the background (history) of the partner in regards of interests, relations, interactions, beliefs, etc.

So now the question is that, what is the media that allows a person to get the background of another, before making the crucial decision of ones own life. Yes, you must have understood by now. This blog-site of mine covers a very restricted domain. This particular blog also fits into it, very perfectly. It is "Googling" of that person. It really helps us get to know the more closer details. Future of matrimonial process is in googling (or researching) the partner.

One can understand the other persons feelings by reading his/her blogs. Then next is to check for comments that (s)he makes in communities such as orkut or gazzag. However, one should not fall by profile information. Profiles are usually to express positive things of a person but never reveals negative aspect of a person. This is crucial when in building a relation without a break (be aware that gone are the days, when divorces are so rare).

One must evaluate from the discussion point of view how well (s)he truly represent her/his profile. In this regard, blogs, comments in blogs, comments in web-news, comments in websites, issues raised in orkut type of communities, the kind of social network, etc are to be analysed in comparison with profiles in business networking sites, personal website, social networking websites, etc.

and then, if everything goes well, after getting married, I personally believe that they must exchange their mail ids (reveal the passwords) to let each other know more closer.

However there is a negative shade of this. Before being googled by the other, one can do auto-googling and eliminate/ modify any controversial topics discussed by him/her. But then, not all can be deleted. This is where the searcher has to put his brain at work.

Although I vaguely expressed my view points here, but I will discuss in detail some other point of time. Probably when I am successful in my own search, I will disclose all of my strategies that I have applied :-) .

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Are you wishing to avoid spam?

  • When one create an e-mail, it is likely that one wishes to have by his name. However it is better not to have by name. Because it straightly attracts huge amount of spam.
  • One can always know by looking at subject whether it is spam or intended message, if one keeps e-mail ids such as some english words (eg. blueeye, blacklooks,, interested etc) . Because those sapmmers use their programs to send message by referring sender by his e-mail id. Whereas human does never.
  • Another thing is never subscribe to services to such as free greetings, free namesdatabase, etc. Instead you maintain one mail id which only attracts spam. However you can give your mail id to established organizations such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
  • Crucial thing is : always let your friends know what is your fwd (greetings) mails id and personal mail id (wherein just personal communications happens).

To be contd..

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free Computers for Rural Communities and select individuals

Recent announcement by is rather very surprising.

Although it has not received media attention as expected, but I believe it will be a sensational news within few days.

First of all, is it a viable business model? Although Ms. Chen (CEO, is silent in this regard, some curious observers predicted the following.

This model could work -- but it might be difficult to attract the required sponsorship. Some Russian companies might be willing to pay up to $10 per computer annually to attract users from the targeted demographic to their sites. If could attract such companies for each of the 10 buttons, it would earn $500 over the maximum lifespan of the average PC, more than covering the cost of the lowest PCs currently on the market.

Will it explode like 1GB free e-mail service? If so, we will see radical changes in society towards computing. Then it means that we have seen only a fraction of IT revolution till date.

Please see further into this issue

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