Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free Computers for Rural Communities and select individuals

Recent announcement by is rather very surprising.

Although it has not received media attention as expected, but I believe it will be a sensational news within few days.

First of all, is it a viable business model? Although Ms. Chen (CEO, is silent in this regard, some curious observers predicted the following.

This model could work -- but it might be difficult to attract the required sponsorship. Some Russian companies might be willing to pay up to $10 per computer annually to attract users from the targeted demographic to their sites. If could attract such companies for each of the 10 buttons, it would earn $500 over the maximum lifespan of the average PC, more than covering the cost of the lowest PCs currently on the market.

Will it explode like 1GB free e-mail service? If so, we will see radical changes in society towards computing. Then it means that we have seen only a fraction of IT revolution till date.

Please see further into this issue

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