Friday, September 16, 2005

My japan visit and experiences

This is written after my return to Tsukuba from conf at Maiko (near Kobe) ..

About the bullet train ;
I came to know that there is no direct train other than this bullet train. otherwise I need to travel by rapid city train (one city to another .. thus breaking my journey but with a single ticket). This bullet train has no special except that it goes fast (270 KM average speed).

Visit location Maiko is very close to beach. There is a bridge (on sea) to an island. I came to know that this sea bridge leading to a small island from which there is an another sea based bridge to a bigger island and this second bridge is the longest sea based bridge. I could take few photos of the first bridge.

Good things in japan (observed during my trip):

at every railway platform: they keep iron bars for safetly so that people can't cross more than certain extent.

To make blind people walk by themselves .. they kept some kind of marking everywhere ..

they keep mirrors on every turning .. so while crossing u observe mirror and cross.

parking : is not a problem at japan although there are too many people have cars .. they have many many differnt parking styles .. taken by camera.

for the protection of tsunami .. they kept some kind of different shaped stones. taken photos.

highways have some metal walls both sides .. surprisingly they are absorbing the sound and thus not disturbing the people who live close to highways ..

highways are constructed very rapidly .. part by pat .. they are constructed initially at some distant place and join together while putting the road ..

roads are fully utilized .. no space is wasted like in india .. footpath for walking persons cyclers is clearly given everywhere .

tokyo has no pollution at all .. when compared to least pollutant city chennai in india.

parking seem to be no problem .. even when every second person has a car here ..

there is no obessity problem like in US or UK or india .. I could see only one person till now who is fat (during a month long visit) ..

people are not too much religious . . but they do follow religious things ..

people are exceptionally kind .. so far I could not find any "less kind person" ..

japanese eat raw fish with so much interest .. fish is their main food .. I heard that they are main portion of total fish consumption of the world.

one business man told me that "with small human capital much profits is the goal of any japanese company"

I came to conclusion regarding indians living abroad why they dont be helpful to others. In most cases the aim of settling abroad is to earn money and save somehow and send to india. Since these people are moneyminded .. they dont behave as usual like in india. I had few very
very bad occurances already with indians over here.

On sunday I went out of my hotel for some time (but close to my hotel .. ) I was exteremely sad when I came to know the difference beween developed nation and a developing nation. I saw the typical rural places of japan and compared with india. Every house (one in 2 persons of total populaion) has a car .. almost enjoing all kinds of facilities many times more than urban people in india like mumbai or delhi or kolkata or chennai. Taken few photos. With a sad mood,
returned back to lab.
Today my most exciting experience happened. There was a minor quake of (little more than what I had during in chennai a few years ago!)

The real surprise is: I was in the fourth floor and went down to Ground floor (to see japanese reaction a quake whether people come out of their building). Surprise came here: people were very in very usual manner. Then I felt, may be in ground floor, people do not know. That also is a wrong estimation. One woman asked me whether I felt quake or not.

Now why they were taking casual : either quakes are too common to ignore or they are that much interested in doing work. Latter reason too convincing me from my past experiences.

I went to a italian restarent. I had CauliFlower pickle. Pickle mean keeping in salt. I see no other added. Sweet Corn (really very sweet) and Muttor I had. People over here could locate japanese vegetarian restarent near by, where we will go on tomorrow

(Written in last japan trip)

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