Sunday, December 16, 2007

Locate your keys or spectacles easily!

Do you remember, your struggling to locate spectacles or car keys or car itself in a parking location or any other useful thing. Good news for you all guys. RFID is the technology which is ready to save you. Currently you can buy 100 US$ device and each tag, to the article you would like to locate, costs about 25 US$. I believe, it would be useful to everyone of 6Billion people only when the costs are like: 1 US$ device and few cents for the tags. Ideally the device should be integrated inside a mobile. So that if in case, mobile itself is not seen, can be found by making a call!! So this is still in R&D phase to get onto the cheaper side and integration with already popular devices. However, if you are a wealthy guy or looking for marketing such devices, then click here.

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