Monday, February 06, 2006

Raju Narayanaswamy : A "real hero" crushed by politicians

I have cried after knowing the state of the country after reading about the once "hero" now crushed by corrupt politicians and this news made me to remember my duty towards the nation, that is, people.


First Rank in State in Secondary School Examination
First Rank in University in Plus Two
Tenth Rank in IIT Entrance Examination
First Rank in IITM BTech CS Examination
First Rank in IAS Entrance Examination
First Rank in IAS Training Institute

My research about this crushed "hero": Raju Naraynaswamy, IAS
Now this brilliant acad and adminstrator left IAS service on leave because of the following reasons:

Rediff covers:

Govt of Kerala says that he left the service on leave for 3 years. Following document says that:

and some blogs covering him can found here and here.


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