Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Education & Reservations

Recently Atanu has a beautiful post on this issue that supply is the major problem. On a similar note, in regards of higher eduation, Satya compares this scenario with Indian telecom revolution and food sector experience.

I too believe on similar lines. Otherwise, why chattisgarh could come up with "40 private universities" in a span of very short time. I accept that, they were under quality institutes but then when the number increases, then quality would become the major issue. Which essentially mean: people want as many as institutes to come-up and they are ready to pay for quality education.

And then, in regards of primary education, Kerala did good things by increasing competetion by giving straightly scholarships to children, and subsidy in transport. Even in the case of primary education, poor ready to spend money.

Coming to Atanu's mantra that we should be concerned about causes not the symptoms: in the case of today's medical system as well, we are always very much bothered about symptoms but not the causes. On a surprising note, we prefer this and dont prefer ayurvedic system which chases the causes. Is this due to mass psyche?

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