Monday, May 08, 2006

Experiments on Myself : 1

I usually experiment on myself on several issues: I started to document them,
  • Though often materialistic desires do take me a ride into their net but then when I take back for a while, as usual, eternal happiness has its last laugh along with me.
  • Formula for winning over greed : "My principle of" unwilling to do things which one loves to & can.
  • To be happy when you are in trouble is by getting yourself "willingly" into a bigger trouble for which you have a solution
  • To enjoy any situation, willingly face (or rather practice) both the extremes
  • Relations don't happen, they are built over time, sometimes knowingly and at times unknowingly.
  • Ethics are the focal to a character of a person

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Hemu said...

Interesting Experiements indeed....., Do continue...