Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I will join Indian Politics : an Orkut community

Last year I started a community in Orkut by name "I will Join Indian Politics". Now it is one of the popular community among Indian members and counting 1000+ members. For the readers, who does not know Orkut: it is a friendship network service of Google (similar to Myspace) and it needs an invitation to start an account. Community is like a yahoo group but discussions are public.

I used to feel that there are many highly educated people who wish to get into politics but then there is no support from their friends/family on the same issue. So I started this community to make sure that there are a large number of such people in the country elsewhere.

Statistics on the community:
It took almost an year to cross first 500 members while it took just 43 days to complete second 500 members. Now the current number of members is : 1012. Everyday it is counting at least 10 new members. I am very very curious with this fact and observing the growth.

Reasons for this extraordinary growth in recent days:
  1. Growth in number of Internet users
  2. Increase in popularity of Orkut
  3. Interested by seeing large number that is already formed in the community
  4. Media coverage of Paritrana, Bharat Uday Mission, Samudai Bharati
  5. Anti-reservation sentiments
When I think of total MP seats, MLA seats, ZP seats, Block leaders, etc., 1012 is still a very small number. By the way, can anyone just tell me : what is the total number of elected leaders of India??

If you would like to join this community, then you must have an Orkut account, for which you require an invitation. So you may write to me with all your details for an invitation (my gmail id: malapati).


Anonymous said...

Can you pls invite me to orkut Many thanks

Kanwalpreet said...

Well pal, I am your community's newest member...:D


Anonymous said...


Hope our Dream India will come back again.

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am very keen on making a change to India and I believe strongly that young educated youths should penetrate the political arena to acheive development for indian. My only problem is that i am unable to find the right direction to serve my intentions? can someone please tell me how do i get involved in indian politics. Please email me on

Anonymous said...

Hello the total number of elected officials in India is 3.2 Million with 1.2 Million of them being women. These stats are from President Patil's speech during Republic Day.

Can I have an invitation please? My email is

Sumit Bhardwaj said...

India - A land of innovative thinkers, a land of democracy, a land of freedom of speech and the list goes on... And who uses all of the above is a well established corrupt person for whom the cost is paid by "we" "stupid common man".. Do we want this india?? and how long we will compromise saying "chalta hai". Lets seek a difference by making a difference, lets start with I"..

kunal said...

hello am kunalrawat am a business management professional from ahd.well i firmly belive that to clean the system n to make it more suitable n clear with cleary prescribed duties n rules ,in nutsell to restructure it we must be first "INSIDE THE SYSTEM",i find the hyrercy levels in indian politics to be very complexed,for an entry level we hav to join a party which is itself not proving to be fruitful since long..well keen to wrk fr system n ready to tak risks ,jus a flick i require a ray of light fr the direction in to politics,,hope uill guide me to id is on orkut,,awaiting your invite,,thnx regards kunal

anshu said...

hi,this is anshu.fake name.
im ur future.
my aim is to bcome a non-corrupt politician,totally different frm todaysone.
so, u also have the same respective feelings towards ur nation.