Sunday, May 24, 2009

My life is public. First on the series!

I will start writing in a interesting template form, for a while please adjust with this raw data. And I will also have to explain some generic tasks that I do regularly which I will do in a separate posts on each of them.

Briefly, on achievements: Today two most important decisions were taken. To implement them, I have decided to make my life public and started to write these posts. Taken rest for the next week.

Woke up at 7AM
7 - 9AM Morning thoughts (Typically I spend my time to think about strategic directions at broad level on my life) . Today I have taken important decisions on my life (will update this after 3 months on what it is!).
9-11 AM Morning activities (Brushing, head-bath, shaving, breakfast, etc)
11-12:30 PM Writing the thoughts behind this "online diary experiment" on this blog and Rural India blog.
12:30 - 1:45 PM Spent time on updating look and feel of both this blog and Rural India blog.
1:45 - 2 PM Lunch
2 - 2:45PM Writing notes on my performance during the last 6 months
2:45 - 3:30PM Written few pending official mails
3:30 to 7:15 Slept as I was awake most of the last night
7:15 to 7:30 Planning
7:30 to 8:15 I was trying to recall what my colleague suggested me on the report that I made. It was hard time, could not recall most of it.
8:15 – 8:30PM Bathing
8:30 – 9:45 PM Writing this diary

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