Sunday, May 24, 2009

Accountability to the world!

This post is about how I am accountable to the world as I consume resources.


Accountability is one of the best way to bring the efficiency into any system. For example, during my Mumbai life, I gave house key to my maid and no one else, and so, she was always accountable to all my household items.

Life is all about the kind of choices we make. We need to be very careful in each and every choice that we choose because those will set the directions.

Past one decade, I have been doing the following experiment (other experiments are here, here). I first publicly announce that I am going to do a particular task and the fear of embarrassment would always make me to be on right track of that task. For example, I announced 6-8 years ago that I never take ice-creams, chocolates, cold-drinks (aeriated soft drinks), etc. During first 2 years, it was very difficult to resist on occassions (like when I go along with close friends). But then, I could resist because I used to feel that someone would question me. However, now I don't have any interest on all of those items but that's a different story.

Standardisation of any activity makes much more efficient. For example, cardboard box or ship container has revolutionized the whole logistics sector. I am working on all of routine tasks to get some more standardized.

External Audit is the one of the best way to improve the processes. I have been doing this experiment for a while(other experiments are here, here). On every task that I do, I make sure that someone who is better at that job would provide their opinion on how I did. This has always resulted tremendous improvement in my thought process.

Blogs are usually opinions/experiences of individuals. In some sense, it is like a diary of an indiviudal/group of people.

I strongly beleieve I consume much more resources of the world than most of the population in the world. I should be accountable in the sense that I use those resources in an optimal way and for the right use. In order to bring accountability to the world at large, from today I am going to note down what all I do on every day. I expect the readers to audit my actions.

What do I consume?
I consume a lot of intellectual resources such as ideas/results of all previous generations, access to infinite amount of knowledge on this Internet, computing power, etc. Similarly I consume a lot of physical resources such as land, water, air, etc.

What do I produce in return?
My own intellectual ideas.

Whom do I be accountable to?
I should be accountable to current & future generations.

What do I do now?
I will maintain a public diary of all my actions on every day from today (hour by hour format).

Benefits of this process?
At first, as I mentioned above, I announce things first then attempt to do them later. This process makes sure that I am in line with my plans. Secondly, I want to improve the way Ido things. This would be achieved by getting an audit of all my actions by any expert sitting anywhere in the world. This is just similar to the case that, your friend always suggests on your actions.

Goal of this process?
My broader goal is Rural Development. This is just one of the process wherein I want to be evaluated by world at large.

Comments, welcome!


Yayaver said...

Indeed I am aspiring and trying to live life of low consumption.. but this point of view never appears in my mind...thnx for the post.

RAVI said...

ya I liked your idea but i am confused that , either it ll be ur personal devlopment or the Rural devlopment...... (Ravi)