Thursday, June 12, 2008

Health Tips

I usually do experiments on myself. In a way, I learn a lot of things. I would mention some of those related to health here.
  1. Psychology is the most important thing in any medical treatment. I have written a detailed post on this in my rural India blog.
  2. After having bath, if you don't wipe off the water then you feel fresh for longer time.
  3. Sleep and food are two critical things for your health. You need to have them at right time and regularly.
  4. It is very easy to have good food in my case, I asked my maid to cook everyday a different "curry" (subji) for continuously 15 days. Then repeat happens.
  5. I always take fresh fruit juices or salad whenever others prefer to have soft/alcoholic drinks.
  6. Instead of going to Gym, I rather would love to play or go for a trek just because I love to do them.

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