Friday, June 13, 2008

Copyrights of the contents of this blog

For the past few days, I have been writing regularly on this blog (I do have many more blogs). Can you believe this? Even though I maintain such a large blog, I don't know to write. Reason is simple, I avoided writing from my school life. However I had a good habit of reading Telugu (my mother tongue) books (I am damn far from English ones, even now!). So it becomes very difficult to write my thoughts. Although I speak with friends on various things but never had the habit of writing.

Two years ago, I found few ways to my problem. I felt like text-chatting with someone would make me to write more and more in order to get used to it. However, chatting made me bored except with my closest friend, who has purchased a mobile on my insisting and so my dream of practicing 'writing' ended. Next, I thought I would tell all my thoughts to the same closest friend, who would write them. Unfortunately that person has written some of those what I mentioned but never revealed to me. Later I thought I would have an assistant. I could not find one due to my laziness. Technology is so poor that voice recognition softwares are not yet ready. And so, the problem is remained till few days ago as it was.

After all these days (a little less than 30 years of life), seriously I decided that I will learn to write. Again reason is simple. Reading and writing are the two things which can make any human so much powerful on both accounts, inside and outside. I am always very slow in learning, practically anything. I learn stuff using the method of repetition. 'It is never too late' is the statement many times we hear. I don't know how many practices it but I am, on most occasions.

Can you believe my trick here, going forward, I have stopped talking much. As I love talking, I continuously do it all the time. But from now, I would interact with people using writing. If you are a regular reader of my blogs, then you must be aware that I do experiments on myself. And yes, this is also one of such experiment. You will see the results of this experiment by observing the date/time of the posts on this blog.

Due to this weakness of mine, I have not been replying to comments for long time on most occasions. One of such comment made me to write this post. That is about copyrights of this blog.

You can freely copy or distribute any of the blog-posts here and moreover you can even remix them but with one condition that you must attribute the original source. Yes, you must have guessed it by now. I am talking about Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.

All is well that ends well. So be happy for the change in license.

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