Friday, June 13, 2008

Tricks to interact with females

I used to feel that anyone can interact with females as one does with males. However, I was grossly mistaken.

For the large part of my life (27 years), I always kept myself away from females. However, during the last three years, I have interacted with many many females which I started as an experiment. Most of my interactions are on mobile phone or over Internet. So, in some sense, I had restricted relations. However I learnt a lot during those interactions. Here I present them as tricks in order to make you comfortable during the communications with any female.
  1. There are formulae to impress girls. Start believing this ;)
  2. Girls like reading more than talking, so start writing them (in particular, whenever there is a trouble)
  3. Girls like references. So you must note your experiences with her in order to recall them later (in particular, during troublesome days). Yes, you must have guessed right! they live in web 2.0 world, wherein labels are most important.
  4. Never insist girls to share unless they voluntarily do. However you can try to find out through puzzle/quiz sort of games.
  5. Girls love to share so many things if they start becoming close to you. Never underscore nor comment. But just listen.
  6. Girls usually like any of ice-creams/ toys/ music/ chocolates/ books/ arts/ pets. Try to impress them with these.
  7. Whenever possible, learn to gift her. It could be any simple thing like "writing a poem" or "a physical gift" or "doing small things for her". Also don't forget to mention them as gifts!
  8. Learn to praise.
  9. Girls usually are sensitive and get moved by the social problems (surprisingly, not many love to solve them). So you need to have concern for social issues.
  10. Although girls provide full support to their counterparts but you should never be dependent on your girl and on the other hand, you must assure her full support when she needs you.
  11. Usually girls believe in sentiments. Never hurt them.
  12. What they tell and what they mean is different. You must understand the actual meanings through the experience.
  13. Girls love surprises. You must find a way to do them regularly.
  14. Girls love dreams/imaginatory or childish world. Never comment on them and take them as sportive.
  15. Girls like to do things multi-tasking mode. Never bother about it.
  16. Girls like someone who is very different. However, we can't guess that the qualities, which make you to be a different one, can be liked by a particular girl or not!
  17. These days, most girls are aspirational! If you support them in their interests, you would be highly regarded in their life.
In my previous post I did explain a major reason for difference between males and females. Please understand that these observations are generic and your girl might be a different female.

Acknowledgments: I must thank all those girls who helped me to learn some of the most interesting lessons in my life. I did more like an academic experiment and in any case, I would also like to say "sorry" for the inconvenience caused during my interactions. Best thing is that I stopped such experiments.

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vinsparks said...

"Please understand that these observations are generic and your girl might be a different female."

Raj, your observations are not generic they are specific to few females you have interacted...Still it's all fall under 0.1 degree out of 360 degrees.

"Completely understanding a Female is like nearly impossible" , so just you play your trick and see whether it's work out or not for that time being...but remember that things will not stop there.... :-)

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