Saturday, June 14, 2008

Generic methodology for recruitment

I used to hire software engineers, test engineers, documentation specialists, etc for my previous company, ControlCase India. I have followed the methodology mentioned below for all the new hires in that company.

  1. Understanding of concepts: Check the candidate whether he could understand well-enough which he claims to have been.
  2. Explanation skill: Can he explain the things which he understood?
  3. Problem solving through construction: If he does not know a concept, can he pick-up things when given hints?
  4. Drive for quest: Does he wait for hints when stuck-up or he has passion for do-it-self?
  5. Suitatability to Job profile: Does he have sufficient skills for the job that he applied?
  6. Matching candidate aspirations: Does ControlCase match his aspirations of learning new technologies?
  7. Suitability of pay-out: Is the candidate worth of his expectations monetarily?
  8. Ethics: Does he follow ethics?
  1. Passion for experimenting: Does he have interest in experimenting new things?
  2. Helping tendency in non-core: Can he help us in things which his job profile does not require?
  3. Timing flexibility: Is he available as and when need arises?
  4. Friendly nature: Is he interested in collaborative environment?
  5. Adjustable mentality: Can he adjust with our facilities if we can't provide of his choice?
  6. Minimal dependency: Can he take initiatives way-forward or waits for assistance?
  7. Long-sighted philosophy: Does he want to collaborate with ControlCase for short-term or long-term?
You may then like to ask me how I should check all these in such short interviews/tests. For more details in this regard, you may contact me (my contact details are mentioned on the top of the side-bar of this blog).

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