Sunday, March 26, 2006

Navigational product services : Wonderful business oppertunity

SATNAV Technologies, an India based GIS products company has released a product in-vehicle navigation device for Rs. 38K ($875).

If this facility can be offered on a mobile for a low price, aiming 100 million users, then that will make another Indian Google company. Note that Google may enter into this area with its offering Google Local/Maps on mobile. If any Indian company comes out prior to Google entry, then Google may try to buyout that company.

Because this facility can be thought as yellowpages on move. Business model: targeting advertisements of shops, restaurents, hotels, movie halls, business houses, ATMs etc. Regular revenue can also be possible by making user as a subscriber.

Are you ready to take it off?


Razib Ahmed said...

This navigation device may seem to be a bit expensive in the Indian context but for the business people, NGOS and researchers this is a device with immense potentials. Yes, if Google enters into this market in India, then there is a very good posibility of buying any company in this field. Google has recently shown this trent with the acquisition of Writely and some other products and services.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting news. I am a very crazy idea not sure if this can be done now and i have just started doing some research. Is there a way one can remotely monitor their farm (agriculture land) monitor i mean . check the level of moisture, etc. and should be able to control everything online.

malapati said...

You may mail me for more details. malapati at g mail co m