Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rising India : essays by foreign media

Nature writes about growth in Biology, lifesciences, pharma, etc
New Scientist writes on high-tech research, pharma, bio-tech, space, nuclear etc
Chemical & Engineering News: Journal writes about experimental engineering and life sciences labs
Newsweek magazine on its cover story writes about outsourcing, education boom, IT

Fortune writes on its cover story about investments
The New York Times discusses whether India will have another Silicon Valley
writes on IT, R&D, investments, human capital, pharma, auto, etc
ABC news video describes that IT super-power
Information Week writes about Innovation in India
International Herald Tribune in its editorial writes about IT, Nuclear pact between US & India
Boston globe in its editorial writes about IT
Eweek writes on IT & its influence on Globe
Deutsche Bank writes about investments, growth perspective
CFO Asia which publishes the economist newsletter ran a conference on "India Rising"
CIOL writes about outsourcing product development
Financial Times describes how china could learn from India's rise
Harvard Business School Knowledge writes about innovation in asia and favors India
United Press International writes about Innovation
Businessweek writes about science, technology, IT and R&D
CSIS report analyses rising India & according US policy
The Naked Economist argues that India's rising is good for America
The Wilson Quarterly writes about India's rise over the years
Ketchum writes about middle class consumers, oppertunities, business practices
TV channel launched its desi version in New York's Times Square
USA Today writes about rising of Indian economy in 2003
ABC news cover Bollywood's rise

Paul Devies, What's this India business? Outsourcing, offshoring and global services revolution ...

Other than these there are innumerous blogs on same issues.

This is a continuously-updated article. So please let me know if you come across anymore (malapati at gmail).

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