Thursday, March 23, 2006

Struggling with Reliance, Nokia

Reliance is one of the most unethical company was the statement I hear from many guys. They try to cheat customer whenever it is possible. Now it is true on my account too. When I moved to Bombay (Mumbai), reliance was my choice and which I feel, was my big mistake. I was cheated on money accounts (I have complete proofs with bills). When I complained to customer support "head", he says he will come back.

I have a Nokia 2112 mobile phone, I purchased it in a reliance webworld francaise, exclusively to avail Internet. However, from day1, it stopped functioning in this regard.
Many times callers complain me that they can't get to me. Nokia Care guys don't even listen to your troubles (my personal experience). My brother had lot of troubles with Nokia Care when he too had troubles with his phone (never believe Nokia Care guys). I advice people to be very careful while buying Nokia Phones. However my first phone Nokia 1100, was really good. I heard from many peers that this model is good at least if it was purchased till 2004 (don't know the current status).

Did/Do you experience similar woes?

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