Monday, March 27, 2006

Which courses/subjects will be hot in the future (year 2020)??

Recently I have written the following article on my Education related blog. I am almost copying it here just to get more circulation (but with some modifications).

As I believe, similar to the case of statistics & computer science broke-out from the Mathematics (or rather Applied Mathematics), there will be many new sciences will be leading from computer science. This thought appeared in my mind when I was looking at recent issue of Nature magazine. I started to think, which courses (in future) will be good for a career span. Clearly Statistics is going to be a key subject of the future as more and more as data related jobs will be created. Then Biology, Nano, Alternative Energy systems related courses will possibly become the hot courses of the future. Space exploration, Nuclear science will possibly become a usual academic course like Statistics today. You may guess this change happens due to capital investments by large private corporations of the world. Wireless will continue to be one of hottest subject like now. Mathematics will hold a key then as well. Most interdesciplinary courses of today will lead the future of education.

So your future choice of course is for Bachelor degree is not in Mechanical or civil engineering but in:
  • BS in Data Engineering
  • BS in Re-engineering
  • BS in Space Exploration Science & Engineering
  • BS in Gravitational Force Engineering & Tidal Power Systems
  • BS in Nuclear Engineering & Technology
  • BS in DNA Computing Systems
  • BS in Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Technology
  • BS in Satellite Navigation Systems & Engineering
  • BS in Information Organisation & Analysis
  • BS in Space and Aviation Control Systems & Engineering
  • BS in Brain Engineering
  • BS in Solar systems & Technology
  • BS in Quantum software systems
  • Diploma in Repairing Industrial/Home Robomaids
  • MS in Mobile Systems Frauds and Social Engineering
  • MS in Brain Simulation science
  • MS in MARS Surface Engineering
  • PhD in Persistent Alternate Happiness Models
  • PhD in Ethical issues in Redesigning Humans
  • etc...
Any thoughts in this direction, please do comment me.

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